Bellevue Steam was born from Coach Mike Griebel's desire to create a Track & Field and Cross Country Club that would help more people get involved with the sport, especially our youth.  As with the little league program, we wanted to create an opportunity for people from both schools in Bellevue to fall in love with, and develop in, the sport by providing training and education in a positive, upbeat environment. The core color of our logo and uniforms is purple - the combination of blue and red - representative of the colors of both BHS and MHS as this is truly a full community initiative.

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"I loved the opportunity to run at the University of Iowa's beautiful indoor facility. Bellevue Steam provided supportive and intelligent coaching. "
- Conrad Ernst
"Bellevue Steam helped me improve my times and compete at a higher level. The organization gave me tips on my running form to help me."
- Logan Manders
"Iowa's unique indoor facilities and coaches furthered my understanding of what being a runner truly means. I now understand how running affects the body and mind."
- Kyle Guenther